OHHHHHH…And one last thing, before you leave forever, I need to say it before I forget. To say that you stimulated my mind would not suffice. It would be an understatement, an insult, an unfair judgement. To tell you the truth you just made me feel very warm inside, very loved, and tingly and special at moments. But to my mind, it was as if someone had given it the warmest hug ever. You used to appreciate my thinking process and the way I viewed myself. That was the best gift I ever received. It’s as if somebody had come over with their big arms wrapped in the warmest blanket ever and hugged my mind. It felt wonderful and life changing too. I thought people were not capable of that, but now I do, and it gives me hope. Thank you for keeping me warm in the most important ways.
Ivanna Co (via wordsnquotes)